We Fill Any Prescription

As your local full-service pharmacy, we fill almost any prescription. From specialty prescriptions that normally need to be mail ordered, to typical monthly meds, we will help you out.

Thousands of medical conditions exist that affect people's lives and require specific treatments. There are nearly as many different prescription drugs available to treat those conditions. Let us assist you in your health journey by getting you the medicines you need.

As your hometown pharmacy, we strive to be recognized as a trusted resource for our patients' health and for the communities we serve. Locally owned and operated, we are proud to offer a variety of services to support your health needs.

Have your health professional send your prescription to Stone Drug Pharmacy. Call us today at (801) 798-8611.

Over the Counter Medicine

Sometimes you just want a quick grab-and-go cold solution so you can go crawl back into bed. Our shelves are fully stocked and ready for your needs.

Specialty Items

We have all the odds and ends you need, from hydrogen peroxide to vitamins, compression wraps to earplugs. We even keep adult diapers in stock!